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• 7/7/2018

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• 3/9/2017

Well, here I am, apologizing for my old self.

Well hello, long time no see. I've finally decided to apologize for all the stuff I have done to you guys. Yes, I admit I have been a total prick basically since you guys met me. In all honesty I feel I have burned a large amount of my bridges, both online and in real life. I'm apologizing so late after I was blocked from LMR (It's been 4 months) because I just recently had a large spike in maturity and have moved on from my old ways. So this is my formal apology for all the times I have been rude to LMR members, both previous members and the users who moved to the LMR Discord.
I'm going to go in chronological order during this explanation, starting with my first days on LMR, and while chat ban logs are gone, their are still a few incidences that stick out in my mind. On my first account, Mattingly Backup, I got blocked for vandalism, which in all honesty, was an accident, as I was a new wikia user and had no idea how to edit. During my block, I responded to BalaTheEdgeHog (who blocked me) with a comment saying "EFF YEW," which me being 10 at the time, seemed like the funniest thing I could ever say. Bala, if you're reading this (which you're probably not), I'm sorry for using my words like that. I know this is a dumb thing to apologize for because I didn't even curse, but I feel like that was the wrong thing for me to do.
On Rayquazaaa, my first offense was editing Floyd's user page with crude remarks (I don't remember what I said exactly) and got blocked for a week. I also overreacted to the music code being found by fred, and posted it on a bunch of threads. I also caused drama over creating a chat bot, which I threw a fit over because the staff didn't want it. Floyd, I'm sorry for harassing you, and I'm sorry for annoying everyone else with the music code. I also want to apologize to LMR's staff for behaving like I was 5 over something as simple as a chat bot. I know I did a lot more on this account, but because chat ban logs are gone I can't review everything I did on that account.
When I used ThatBlueMeme, not much happened, until June that is. I was once again causing drama, and unsuprisingly, got banned. I then got really salty on Mapelle's wall (who banned me) and my ban got extended to what I believe was a day. Mapelle, I'm sorry for being a whiny baby over a ban from drama, and I'm sorry for going off after I recieved the ban.
Here we are, on KillerKurbstar (Yeah its a pretty bad name). At the end of June I posted some seriously loud earrape. (I think I remember someone complaining about broken speakers/headphones). This was honestly the stupidest thing I did on LMR, as a could have given someone serious ear damage. I'm sorry for posting seriously loud earrape and causing some people to nearly go deaf, and I am also sorry for breaking someone's speakers.
I'm glad to finally apologize for this suff (It honestly made me feel a bit better inside). I know these apologies are pretty bad, but in all honesty i've never been good at apologies. I usually just say "I'm sorry" and leave it there. My discord is ZeastTV#9564. Have a nice day, guys.
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• 2/21/2017

Can my block get appealed?

c'mon guys, it was just a troll.
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• 1/25/2017

Why LMR died.

Wiki became boring and predictable.
All the good mods quit
Blocking all <13 users.
Removing Chat
rip lemur you usd 2 be cool
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• 1/2/2017


That's my page!
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• 12/20/2016

What the hell is wrong with MTV?!?!

5 Things You Should Know About Racism Decoded MTV News THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T MAKE A MUSIC CHANNEL TO DO HUGE THINGS! Geez, i'm in favour of the equal rights, but this is just a cringe fest. Is now popular to compete with Nickelodeon the "Worst Channel Team" award?
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• 12/16/2016


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• 12/13/2016

It's time to appeal this block.

I haven't appealed my infinite block ever, so I've made alts to edit pages. All the time. Most of them were 'legitimately' editing pages but not vandalizing or some shit.
I'm going to get right in to all of this.

Contents[show] A (mostly) unbiased point of view of why I got blocked in the first place
I did one of the worst things you could possibly do, and released 'someone's address. Did they do anything to me? No. Did I even hate them? No. But, I went along anyway.
I made a video on 'how' to get an address from JPEG metadata, which is more like how I got this person's address. In the video I used some ToU words and didn't even act like this was bad at all. I even went into Google Maps and showed their location. I am very sure they felt extremely uncomfortable, angry, and unsafe. I mean, what if someone leaked MY address? Anyway.
This was just on my YT channel. I didn't post it to LMR at all, but someone else did. Suddenly, it got a ton of views and I got an instant one-year block from Supereggy5 (I think that's his username, I really don't remember), which, keep in mind, I did something similar to this with them in a GoFundMe that basically had a shitty photoshopped image of his profile with a stock photo of a guy holding a middle finger. The GoFundMe was named "Kill Supereggy", but that's something else for another time.
Anyway, afterwards, my brother created an account but it got instantly blocked because it was thought that it was my account.
Then, I got an infinite block. This happened on March 9th - March 11th of this year, I think.

Why in the ASS would I ever do this?
Again, I was the same person making, basically just a death threat. An inside joke, yes, but it was still a death threat.
And this was the last straw.
To be completely honest, I have no idea what I was thinking to that day. I had plenty of time to edit the video and showed one of my friends me editing it (oh jesus christ what the fuck was I thinking), so there was enough time to prevent this and a lot of other things. Nevertheless, I posted it on to YT.
I really don't know. If I would've had the chance to block MYSELF, I know I fuckin' would!
But I was really cancer back in the day. I mean, even look at my Mii. Just screams cancer. An immature child that frankly could be the biggest idiot you've ever seen. I was smart, but not in the way I would be today.

Fuck you, past Arian. Really. I mean, I was really getting into Filthy Frank. I had Filthy Frank videos scattered across my desktop-- my Macf** desktop, of course.
I was so into Filthy Frank that I started quoting it.. in school. Yes, school. I used kys a lot, which got me into a lot of trouble.
I don't use kys today. I find it as disgusting (and hilarious and original) as the rest of you do.

Why should I be unblocked? How have I changed?
Again, you can also tell how I've changed by my Mii.

thincc But, here's also the many other ways I've changed.
For one, I've become smarter, of course. A lot of people have mistaken me for being a lot older than I really am, ask Banama Club (yes, that cancer, which I will explain)
I've hit 'that point' where I'm out of this huge phase that I was in, saying stuff like kys.
I've grew more mature, and you could tell that by how I write now as opposed to how I really wrote in the past. I wrote childish, and now I'm writing a little more maturely.
I'm certainly a lot smarter and have quite some common sense, and let me explain: (inb4 "arian? common sense? lollololololol")
PF2M has actually played a huge role in my life. I have someone to talk to, who I can learn how to speak better from, and someone that has great ideas.
It was his idea to packet sniff Miiverse, for example. And then, I made accessing console Miiverse via PC a reality. He had a lot of ideas that I made come to life, and this is with me as well. I can gladly say that he changed my life in a huge way and made me a better person. I mean, look at my edits on LMR in early 2016. Now look at me now.
I also really know better than to leak someone's fucking address in a video that threatens them at the same time, and to threaten a MODERATOR. I know better than to tell just anyone 'kys'. I know better than to do anything like what I just did, and I definetely learned from not only my block, but also the stuff I've pulled in school.. just, no.
Again, look at me a year ago or in early 2016, and look at me now. Want proof? Ask some people.
Of course, I have my flaws, but not as major as this.

I don't believe you.
Okay, ask PF2M. Ask people I've spent time with. PF2M is a good assessment as he's seen a lot of things I've done, and he knows how I act in exact ways. Sure, he'll tell you my flaws, but not anything like that psychopathic shit I pulled back then. He (barely) knew me back then, but he did and he might even know how I acted at that time.

What will unblocking you do for, well, yourself?
Oh man, there are a lot of things.
First, I will be available on LMR again, yay. This means people can actually contact me through there.
:oooooooo no shit sherlock
While I'm very sure at least most of us can agree that LMR's community features are nearly dead, the informational aspect of LMR is really a reason to stay on there.
Yeah, the forums are dead, I still have a nice and kind of updated page.
Kind of. That's because I have to either rely on other people, or other people will have to use their knowledge of what happened instead of my firsthand knowledge to update my page. For example, PF2M didn't do all the Miiverse hax, and my page is inaccurate in spots.
Also, updating PF2M's page itself would be neat. They're both protected, and I can't just make new accounts to edit them every single time, especially since they're protected.
Again, firsthand knowledge of this.

What will it do for me or the rest of LMR?
Ah, this is one of the biggest reasons.
Again again again, firsthand knowledge. I'm very informed about Miiverse and therefore have a lot of 'insider' information on it. Also, since I have access to more things, I could provide screenshots! A lot know that I can provide high quality and accurate screenshots, take my Mii for example, or the hyperban error messages, or my Miiverse screenshots.
LMR is missing (most of) my knowledge, really, and my abilities. The Miiverse API page is super wrong about literally everything, but I can't fix it. I'd love to make a Miiverse versions page as well to compare console and mobile Miiverse while also giving great screenshots.
I can replace screenshots on pages with great ones too, since this is from Miiverse users, and that's another thing: they only have their knowledge to work with. Take the Miiverse Glitches page, for example. At the bottom, nobody seems to know that the Miiverse strange interface glitch is due to CSS being missing, and Wii U Miiverse/3DS Miiverse's navigation mechanism.
The point of all of this is that I have a lot of knowledge and can certainly improve pages/screenshots/whatnot. I could benefit LMR a lot. I can't just be missing (well, I am, lol), since, well, all of this.
I think that's enough to drive the point that LMR could benefit if I had access once again.
</ego (kinda)>

I forgot what else I was going to mention.
I'm sure I left a lot of stuff out and I forgot some stuff to mention, so feel completely free to critize things, tell me about a mistake I made, give me more questions, tell me some things, whatever.

That's pretty much it. I don't feel like writing a conclusion, but you may have already got the point by now.
Also, the section above this.
That's it for this appeal (so far), see you when I'm still not unblocked because everyone can find some ammo.

K, I'll keep making alts to edit every page I'd like.
In all seriousness, I'd just like another chance at this. If no mod is giving me one for their own reasons or nobody considers me a person anymore, OK, but good luck obliviously blocking everything. You'll live with the knowledge that I'm still on LMR, then.
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• 12/1/2016

Unblock me and my hairless twin or else

Or else we'll get our criminal cousin to spam LOL UATICHSATESOOI2K in ur chat lol
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• 11/29/2016

Unblock me

Hi, I don't exist and I've never been blocked on LMR but I'd like to be unblocked anyway. You're probably thinking 'How the fucking hell do you fucking unblock a fucking user who fucking doesn't fucking exist and fucking never fucking was fucking blocked!!!!!!!????!!!1' Well, I'll tell you! You simply pull a rabbit out of a fedora and yell 'UNBLOCK THE NON-EXISTENT USER YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT' and TA-DA! AM BACK IN TOWN BABY!
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• 11/10/2016
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• 11/8/2016

Questions about my block

If you see this, and if you don't know, I was blocked on LMR. So my question is... why?
Was it because of all the Homestuck gifs? Spamming the entire Bee Movie script? Do not tell me it was the age limit.
And the reason why this isn't under the Block Repeal board is because I can't ask for a repeal of a ban if I have no idea why I am banned. But move this thread if you feel otherwise.
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• 11/7/2016
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• 11/7/2016

For people who are banned from LMR

Super Minecraft Wiki has a free shitposting chat, lol.
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• 11/7/2016

can i get unblocked

pls i did nothing wrong
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• 11/3/2016

Block Appeal (Repeal ain't a word ya fricks)

It's me, Dylan the tap water eating necroposter. On October 15 I was blocked for two weeks for posting graphic images on an old thread and then it was extended to a month for a reason I don't know. In the forum rules it says posting disturbing images is a week block and bumping is a day block. So the original block should've only been seven or eight days, expiring on October 22 or 23. Five days later (October 20 just in case ur stoopid) I made an alt and posted a few more gross images and got blocked until January 20 2017. In the rules it says making an alt gets your original block extended and posting horrid images is still a week block. The next main step after getting blocked for a week (which is what should've happened) is two weeks and if you add a week to that you get three weeks (21 days). 21 days after October 20 is November 10 so that's when I should technically get unblocked (that's not being entitled btw since I worked this out using LMR's rules).
Even if you disagree, ya have to agree getting blocked until January is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit too long.
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• 10/26/2016

Hey mods.

Instead of banning every new account made, maybe you should wait to see what they are going to do before you jump to conclusions and banning them for fucking life. I literally just got unbanned by IP and you decide to ban my IP again but this time, for infinity.
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• 10/26/2016

What the actual fucking hell.

Someone please explain to me why the fuck I am was banned again even though I got unbanned like a week ago. Stop accusing me of being Eb or Net if I haven't even done anything yet.
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• 10/26/2016

Eb's Twelve-Billionth Block Repeal(Read it all, please. It took me around 45 minutes to write it.)

I am very sorry for what I have done.
I will explain the story, all of it, from my perspective before I go on.
It was a sunny morning. I was going to be signed into my school. I excitedly checked LMR to see that I was blocked. Not too phased by this, thinking it was merely a week block, I checked my contributions page. I was perma blocked. I cried. I'm not joking when I say that I was crying so much I could not breathe. The block reason was "literally JMurph."
I was pissed, so I checked the Wiki Activity only to find that I was impersonated. I slowly walked towards the knife on my bookshelf, getting ready to stab myself. I thought this through and decided it wasn't worth it.
I logged into my sister's account and tried to proove my innocence. I failed miserably, as I was never thrown into this situation type before. I accidentally let it slipped that I hacked her, and the account was banned.
Now I was angry. I had never felt so upset in my life at the time. I made an alt. I made 5 alts that day, actually. I had so much hatred for Luigidude, it fucking hurt. Nobody believed me.
I was then minding my own business one day to find out that Denning wanted me console banned on both accounts. Miiverse accounts, I mean.
I recieved 100+ reports. He had succeeded. This is around the time I first started seeing and hearing things that were NOT there. I was stressed and sick of it.
A couple months more of drama had passed, and I saw Banama as an escape route. A way to leave LMR. Not only was I rejected, but more rumors flew about. I was done. People not only saw me as insane, but also thought I would hack. More hacking allegations were to come.
I then felt like every day was the same. It felt black and white. My eyes were watery and I didn't know what to do. I started to see that I needed help. The only place I knew and loved was destroyed by rumors. What was I to do? I started to become wholeheartedly suicidal and depressed. Nothing was fun anymore. kind of wanted to put myself in pain to feel something other than depression and boredom. After all, nothing and no one matters. I became violent at school. I lashed out. I attempted suicide and my parents threatened me with a ward.
I have reconsidered and regretted my behavior over the past few days. I can't help but feel as if I am merely an unwanted waste of air. Someone who needs to learn to control themself for once. Someone who needs psychiatric help and a possible ward visit and medication change.(Yes, I take meds, and they happen to be Zoloft and Risportol. Look it up if you want to learn more about my behavior.)
Onto the pros and cons.

I no longer intend on alting unless I see a page that I see needs to be updated that I have information on, or if I feel that I need to announce something.
I plan to share this information with my therapist on Friday
I'm in social skills classes. One aspect is dealing with anger and anxiety.
I should be getting a medicinal change soon.
I never vandalized once.
I realize my mistakes and that I should change my behavior.
I have $60 bucks which may go forward to hobby activities such as gaming, painting, and figurine collecting(figma and nendoroid)
I've been calmer recently

I tend to put my self-hate on a single user
I tend to say really dumb things I never intend on doing when I am even mildly upset
I might have DID, which could explain a lot, such as my inability to remember certain things I have done or said.
I need really bad help
I get thrown into blind rages
Yesterday in chat, I spammed +20 lines of ToU spam when no mods were on. I also unintentionally annoyed the hell out of users.
Let me just state that I personally do not think I should recieve an unblock just yet. I think I should be unbanned somewhere in between December 12 and Febuary 28. My chat ban should be removed about a week after my unblock. Maybe two. Keep in mind that I feel as if I need a definite answer before my alts go away permanently. If Wikia stops glitching out and chooses infinite as the final choice due to "vandalism," which I never did, I will return on this alt. If it stops glitching out and chooses December 12, I will return under my main.
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• 10/26/2016

MisterXenomorph's Block Repeal.

First off, I will like to formally aplogize for my actions leading up to my request to be blocked. The chat messages, as shown on Luigi's Drama Alert, to the Rejoice or Rejoice thread I made a couple of days ago. 
I will like for the ban to end both chat and the wiki as a whole. Your humor seriously turned me the other way into what you seen of me at LMR. But I am not blaming you, I am blaming myself. And in return, I will try to be a good user from here on out.
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