Bigley in S1 Title Sprite
Bigley in Sonic the Hedgehog is a ROM hack that replaces the main characters of the game, Sonic and Dr. Eggman, with Bigley and an Admin, respectivley. It is still in the planning stage as the creator, 15KnucklesLover, still needs to learn how to edit character sprites. The main hack will just be a sprite swap, but there are plans to possibly change up the level design, add a unique moveset to Bigley, and rework Scrap Brain Zone to be more Miiverse themed.

Playing as Bigley

Bigley is just as fast as Sonic. However, he does include different moves. Bigley cannot roll into a ball, he instead just runs into enemies and he's fine. Bigley is still damaged by spikes, lava, and anything other level hazard. This includes drowning, but the time until you drown is increased by 30 seconds.


  • Left, Right - Move Bigley in the desired direction.
  • Down - Get a short burst of speed (look down when not moving).
  • A, B, C - Jump.
  • A, B, C in air - Bigley flaps his wings for a short flight. Acts like a double jump.
  • Up - Look Up.

Other Changes

Like stated before, Dr. Eggman is replaced by a Miiverse Admin. The boss fights don't change, however. All invincibility moniters are replaced with a screen nuke move, as Bigley damages badniks and bosses by running into them anyways. All the tubes that need to be in a ball in order to progress are enclosed. Some new secret areas can be accessed, including an easter egg located in each zone. Scrap Brain Zone is remade into a Miiverse themed area, and is now named "Miiverse Lab Zone". The main layout remains the same, but Act 3 is emitted, and now you go straight to the Final Zone.



Sonic sprites ripped by Eddo. Title screen sprites ripped by Flare. Sonic the Hedgehog made by SEGA/Sonic Team.