Le Miiverse Resource (LMR for short) is a "Miiverse wiki" created in 2014 by a Pichu that smoked too much weed. It's like LMR2 but not as good or dank.


A pichu on weed made a wiki about Miiverse and everything was sunshine and rainbows until it got popular and stuff. Eventually the wiki got taken down because someone didn't like something someone said about them. LMR2 was made but was abandoned the next day because Wikia staff resurrected LMR.

Currently the wiki is active and is overrun by corrupt users, 4Chan, possible serial killers, JMurph and Jav, "Eb complaining" link spam, sjws, and 9gag users.


LMR is run by super corrupt meme trashians who ban baby kittens for fun.


  • Pichu: Rejected smash character and founder of LMR and LMR2. Inactive.
  • Sakuraichu: Is what happens when Sakurai and Raichu fuck and have a baby.
  • Blazigsword: A fire sword


  • Mr.LuigiDude: Luigi with a severe meme addiction.
  • RockBot/LuciYES: May or may not be Yoda Mega Man.
  • NukenZack: A ninjago fanboy that threatened to nuke LMR with edit spam if he wasn't made admin.
  • Mapelle: Genderbent Japanese Map from Dora.
  • Ryujo/Navus: Was globally blocked for 3 months and eventually gave up on socking. Came back for awhile but ultimately left LMR for Discord.
  • MrBreada: Rubs pb and j on his nipples.
  • MonadoGuy: A guy who owns a bootleg Monado.
  • Tigerplanet: A planet of tigers.
  • Masterdetective: A master detective.
  • Denning: Former communist leader of LMR.


  • Dug is their god.
  • Leo Luster is also their god, and mascot.
  • A wiki.
  • About Miiverse.
  • LMR2 is way better.
  • Bots almost replaced and disguised themselves as LMR staff once, or maybe they already succeeded...
  • Almost every user who worships Manny Pardo instead of Dug have been banned.
  • Sakuraichu tried to move them but the sweet, sweet kush kept them all on LMR.