Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - No Russian - Airport Mission Uncut - Veteran - High Quality08:33

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - No Russian - Airport Mission Uncut - Veteran - High Quality

What happened on that fateful day.

On 1/15/15, at 5:50 PM, Le Miiverse Resource was shut down.

During this time, many users were on the chat.

The Result

The chat users expressed great sadness over this event, including many chat mods, admins, and even Stefan himself. During the next hour, every user had no idea what to do. Many users suggested making a new one, but many others suggested giving up and moving on.

Miiverse Impact

The entire Wii Fit U community was blown away by this event. Most users showed great sadness over this event, but a few said "Good riddance." The founder of Miiversepedia, tecknical1, even offered to let the LMR users into Miiversepedia (but most users declined)


An hour later, Stefan, the original founder of LMR, made Le Miiverse Resource 2. The vote was unanimous- This was to be the next LMR. One by one, as the users left LMR 1 chat, they hoped of new dreams of the future.


The Backup Wiki

Later CaliburTek made a backup wiki just incase a terrible events like this happens again.

The revival and death of LMR 2 

Ducksoup senpai decided to give LMR mercy as long as LMR could get rid of all the biased hate pages, which LMR later did. Le Miiverse Resource was saved and also made LMR2 almost completely useless now.


LMR 2 is mostly abandoned since everyone moved back to LMR. LMR grew inactive as well since everyone moved to Discord and the drama whore got banned.  Now mostly salty people who were blocked on LMR sometimes come to LMR 2 to be a bigger bitch and make retarded pages.

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